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I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your website and Sage Goddess Emerald Essence. You website is an incredibly excellent information source, and I've had some of the most beautiful and profoundly-inspiring psychedelic experiences of my life with your ingeniously-crafted, sublingual potion. Thank you so much for this!

Best Wishes,
David in California

You may recall filling an order for me about a month ago for the SD tincture. I received and have read the tri-fold you mailed along with the SD User's Guide & FAQs posted on the Sagewisdom site. The information you have provided is comprehensive, accurate and fascinating. I've used the tincture on two occasions since receiving it and found it to be convenient, easy to use and of a potency that I hadn't expected. The combination of thoughfully articulated instructions along with a very high quality product was instrumental in setting the tone for and triggering powerful healing experiences. You are to be commended for your artisanship. A heartfelt thanks to you and keep up the good work.

Bright Blessings

I've been a customer of yours for a while now and just want to thank you... at one time or another the kratom and salvia have been incredibly helpful. I'm just getting over a long-running and really difficult sinus infection and in the times of greatest pain the only thing that's been of any use has been the kratom...absolutely amazing. I don't know how I would have made it otherwise... the NSAIDs wouldn't work and I was going days at a time without sleep from the pain with no mercy from the doctors.


I'm using the kratom as a substitute for narcotics for rheumatoid arthritis and chronic low back pain. It's the only thing that gets me through my day at work.

Thanks very much,

Thank you for all the research you do! One thing people in pain feel like they do NOT have is control over their lives, and you offer another choice. Whether it will help or not is probably as unique an answer as each individual; however, it is empowering to know there is something besides a prescription pain pill to choose from.

-kratom customer

I tried a small dose of the Emerald Essence (just one dropper-full). It was actually very nice. A very pleasant way to begin my evening meditation. This is a great thing, for someone like me who meditates daily, as it cuts down the time it takes to quiet the mind and enter introspective mindful meditation.


I do not normally write to a company (or individual) about a product, but my experience with Emerald Essence was just so unexpected that I had to write. I am a busy professional and have been trying to find ways to "de-stress" over the last couple years. I do exercise frequently and that helps immensely, but sometimes I found I was still very anxious and worried, and unable to sleep. I have tried Kava kava and Valerian, but not with a great deal of success. So I was quite skeptical when I started reading about "Diviners Sage." But I thought I would give it a try and ordered a bottle. I took 4 droppers (diluted) in the early evening. The Emerald Essence COMPLETELY relaxed me and I had a very restful night of sleep. But it was the next day that astounded me. I felt so at peace with everyone and myself. NOTHING could upset me - bad traffic, agressive people, busy schedule, etc. It was like I was IMMUNE to stress! I felt very sociable too, and was chatting up everyone! My thought processes were clear - I was not foggy at all. It was more than I could have hoped for. I am very grateful you have introduced this product to the public, and I plan on purchasing more soon. Well done!


I wanted to write you concerning SAGE GODDESS EMERALD ESSENCE. I have bought various other products that have made claims of being genuine. I must say that your product is the only one that ever delivered. It's quality is top notch and it is beautifully crafted. I consider it to be an etheogenical work of art. You have made a loyal customer. I would also like to thank you for all your contributions to the etheogen community. My best wishes to you and the Salvia Divinorum Research Center.

Thank you

I would like to thank you for your professional fulfillment and shipment of my order. Salvia is like something I've been searching for my whole life, and it exceeds any expectations.


First I want to thank you for what you do. I am a 38 yr old male who was diagnosed with a neuro muscular disease called myasthenia gravis. The disease causes acute muscle weekness. My issues are mostly with the muscles in my eye. It causes my eyelid to droop and I see double. I used salvia many years ago, and the first of many things I noticed was after a low dose, my eyelid was opened. I have had to be on a very high dose of prednisone and other immunosuppresents to help my nerve to muscle junction work well enouigh for me to see and function. These medicince have caused so many problems. Salvia has somehow positively affected my neuromuscular disease. I am planning on trying the sublingual very soon. I just wanted to say thank you. This medicince has really helped me...professors of neurology and many other doctors have not given me the relief you have allowed me. Thank You.


I just got my package of Emerald Essence in the mail and tried a "medium" dose. Let me tell was one of the most profound, psychologically refreshing experiences of my life. It did not dissapoint and I found it much more valuable than the smoked Salvia divinorum I have done in the past. Thank you for creating/selling this. I hope you have a happy new year...I know I will.


Your Sage Goddess Emerald Essence is great.  One low-dose session in conjunction with a sound-and-light machine had tremendous transformational effects. My intention is to start out by using the tincture in low doses for basic purification and balancing, what I might call emotional-bioenergetic balancing and integration of the psycho-physical vehicle, and your product works like a charm.  It felt like my auric-bioenergetic field was being purified and balanced. I am convinced from the results that salvia divinorum combines medicinal, psycho-theraputic, bioenergetic and spiritual healing properties.  I feel a definite increase in mental clarity, emotional well-being and overall psychophysical rejuvenation...from just one session. I am convinced that people are making a mistake in smoking 10x or higher leaves and rocketing into non-local hyperspace without first purifying, healing and learning from low-dose oral sessions.  My one experience of smoking 10x (second salvia experience; the first was smoking 1x) conclusively convinced me that such high-intensity experiences should only be undertaken after one is firmly grounded in what we might call the Sage Goddess' Teaching Program, a long-term program approached with humility, reverence and deep appreciation. I will be ordering more.  Thank-you for making this very pure, high-quality product available.

Regards, Joseph

Remarkable journey. Count us as regular customers...Thanks for a GREAT product (Emerald Essence). I'm an artist and I painted like a wizard after using this.

Silver Lake, New Hampshire

I would like to congratulate you. The extra strength extract is one of the most reliable and efficient methods of ingesting salvia have come across.


I was very impressed with this visionary elixer. It's an exceptional work of Alchemy from the plant kingdom. It should prove to be a valuable tool for many.

Thanks, James

Your site has been the most informative and, we have found, accurate with regard to portrayal of salvia and the experience. We appreciate your attitude toward salvia as it is quite appropriate given the properties of salvia. In addition to its euphoric/hallucinatory properties, my husband wanted me to share with you the fact that he has experienced a VERY unanticipated side effect of salvia--HEALTH! He has been plagued by body aches, back aches, and digestive problems/IBS for years. Since we have begun using salvia, he has experienced NONE of these issues. It is almost unbelievable.


I think you've really made a real breakthrough with your Emerald Essence. I've just been trying it at mild levels and found that, if taken an hour or so before I go to sleep, I can sleep through the night without waking (as I usually do), and in profound relaxation. My dreams seem also to be of longer duration, and of more detail and complexity.


Hey, has anyone told you lately - you're the greatest? Because you are - this is surely changing my life in a very positive manner- thanks!


I just wanted to confirm receiving the great product (Sage Goddess Emerald Essence). Wow incredible! Thanks for your service to free America. I look forward to being a customer in the future.


Really enjoying the essence. You have created a real masterpiece.


I have concentration problems, so it is difficult for me to meditate. I use prescription medication for it, but it has terrible side effects. I bought your product (Emerald Essence), and I was able to meditate and think clearer. I will definitely buy this product again. Thank you very much!

-N.D., New York

I received the parcel on Saturday. My god, I can't wait to share my experiences with you. I will send you another email. Salvia is beautiful. That's all i have to say for now. Take care, and Thanks SO much for making this extroardinary mint available.


First of all, thank you very much for the salvia, my friends and I all had great experiences. It is truely a beautiful essence.


Last week your emrerald essance arrived. What an experience ! I just want to say thank you - I think the work you are doing is very important. I can now divide my life into two halves - before Salvia and after Salvia. I must say I never expected to be so profoundly effected by your extract. Maybe I am just super-sensitive to the active compound. I held six dropper fulls under my tounge for approx. ten minutes. I spit out what was left ( I had swallowed some of it ) and then the effects began. For fifteen minutes the veil of reality was lifted. What more can I say? Ive had alot of experiences with LSD and psilocybin but nothing could have prepared me for Salvia. I look forward to smoking Salvia and will order some leaves from you in the near future. Thanks again.

Trey in Chattanooga, Tennessee

I received from you the shipment of dried Salvia divinorum leaves yesterday. I was not sure what to expect from smoking them. I had read much about the plant and individual's experiences and, frankly, I was a bit scared. However, my initial attempts last night yielded little more than a mild buzz. But the set and setting were not right. My high-energy German Shepherd puppy was distracting me and I was quite stressed. Later in the evening (after my dog was asleep and I was relaxed), I retreated to my bedroom to give it another go. I was thinking that this thing is a hoax - someone out there selling bogus placebos (if it was so effective, it would have been scheduled, etc.) Well, I loaded my glass bong and proceeded to take a couple of massive hits in succession (which seems to be the most effective m.o. according to the numerous trip reports). Well .... the rest is history. It was the weirdest, wackiest experience of my life. I was pulled into another dimension. Like on a downward roller coaster into a strange vortex with streaking colors flying by. I was no longer on my bed but floating swiftly through the air. I was not alone, but who was there with me? Words cannot do justice to describing this experience. The intense euphoria. The body rush. It was like a sensory orgasm. Thanks for your work and I look forward to my next journey.

Silver Spring, Maryland

I am mighty pleased with the Lagochilus inebrians. It makes me feel ultra euphoric on just 3 grams, and although it tastes rather bitter, I feel the benefits outweigh the bitterness.


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