The Separation of Consciousness from the Body's Shell
in Form of a Rowboat Exiting the Face Backwards

by Jerome Veith

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This painting is a direct mental snapshot from a vision induced by Salvia divinorum. The music accompanying the trip was Jungle Monkeys, by J.C. Mendizabal. The picture as a whole represents the detachment of the soul/consciousness from the shell of the body, and its journey to the depths of the subconscious. The vessel at the bottom is gliding backwards on the stilled waters of the mind(I forgot to paint ripples in them). The structure it is backing away from is the body, more specifically the inside of the skull. The indentation in the wall is where the soul locks in place and finds contact with the outside world(reality). Physically, this could be the nose or the face as a whole. I think this image has a lot of energy. The colors don't agitate too much; instead it seems they actually convey a feeling of harmony and creativity. On the technique: since I was in a hurry to get the vision down, I just grabbed a piece of cardboard and drew the lines. Both the crimson and the yellow ochre are oils, the green is acrylic.