The Sage Wisdom Botanicals Gatekeeper

IMPORTANT! Before placing an order, you must verify that you are a responsible adult over 18 years of age and that you understand and agree with all of the following statements. After reading these statements, please click on the appropriate button at the bottom of this page.

  • I am an adult over 18 years of age. (Warning to minors: false representation of your age constitutes fraud. We use a public database to verify the age of our customers before shipping.)

  • I understand that credit card fraud is a serious crime and therefore will not use another person's credit card unless they have authorized me to do so.

  • Before completing my order, I will read the ordering instructions and information at the bottom of the Sage Wisdom Botanicals webpage.

  • I take full personal responsibility for my use of any products purchased and will not hold the vendor liable for any mishap that may result from use.

  • I have made a personal commitment to use any products purchased in a responsible, intelligent, and safe manner.

If you are purchasing Salvia divinorum, you must also agree to the following:

  • I have read The Salvia divinorum FAQ and the The Salvia divinorum User's Guide.

  • I understand that Salvia divinorum can be quite powerful and must be used responsibly and safely.

  • I understand that Salvia divinorum can profoundly alter perception and behavior; therefore, I will always work with it in a safe, secure, and private environment.

  • I understand the importance of having a sober sitter present when exploring the deeper levels of Salvia divinorum's effects.

  • If I share Salvia divinorum with others, I will first make sure that they are thoroughly informed about the nature of the experience and how to work with it safely.

  • I understand that individual sensitivity to Salvia divinorum varies quite a lot from person to person; some people are highly sensitive and others are incredibly insensitive.

  • I understand that when first experimenting with Salvia divinorum, one must start with a low dose; if stronger effects are desired, the dosage can gradually be increased on subsequent occasions until one discovers one's own degree of sensitivity and preferred level of effects.

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